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Not all women experience symptoms prior to or following menopause. However, most of us do, and, in many cases, we are not even aware that what we are experiencing is related to the decline in estrogen levels.

In this section, we have put together symptoms and conditions that relate to this decline, as understanding why will assist you in taking control and managing yourself to enjoy better quality of life and healthy aging.

Mood Swings
Sleep Disturbances1.png
Sleep Disturbances
Low Energy1_edited.png
Low Energy and Fatigue
Skin Elasticity1.png
Skin Elasticity
Weight Gain and Metabolism
Hot Flashes1.png
Hot Flashes
Bone Health1.png
Bone Health
Hair Loss1.png
Changes in Hair Luster
Night Sweats
Joint Health1.png
Joint Discomfort
Vaginal Discomfort1.png
Vaginal Dryness
Decreased Libido1.png
Decreased Libido

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