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Mood Swings

The fact that your mood can change for no apparent reason can cause confusion and frustration, but the main cause comes from a natural process your body's going through as your estrogen levels start to decline within your 40s and ultimately lead to the onset of menopause.


​The process of your ovaries producing less estrogen is gradual and can start a few years before menopause. The process of hormonal imbalance leads to many changes in your body and brain, some of them related to mood. These emotional changes are normal but can be distressing, as they can be difficult to control.

​You may also experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating and a general lack of motivation, as well as tension, anxiety and stress related to friends and family.

​These symptoms associated with estrogen decline can be managed; you do not need to suffer.

​It's important to note the difference between mood swings and depression. If you feel your mood swings are causing you extreme stress or anxiety, or making it difficult to maintain a regular lifestyle, seek medical professional help.

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