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Skin Elasticity

Your facial skin is starting to sag, wrinkles are starting to appear more prominently, and your skin feels dry.

You may be more confident, you sure are wiser, but your estrogen levels are lower, and the first telltale sign can be seen on your skin, which starts to change in your 40s.

The decline in the production of estrogen causes your skin to dry out and lose its elasticity, as it affects the production of collagen. This can cause sagging, especially around the neck, jawline and cheeks, and fine lines and wrinkles start to become more prominent.

Managing your skin changes can be achieved through a healthy diet with plenty of fluids, daily facial cleansing, precautions regarding sun exposure and balancing your hormonal system, which is the leading cause of the changes that you see and feel. The saying “beauty is more than skin deep” is especially true in this case. Your skin’s “beauty” actually comes from within.


Balancing yourself from within will assist you in protecting your skin’s health and will enhance the effect of all the anti-aging creams that are part of your facial routine.


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