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About Us:

Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a research-driven biotech company, founded in 1997, that focuses on the discovery and development of therapeutic solutions originating from botanical sources with an emphasis on safety of use. The Femarelle Product Line was developed in 2000. 


Se-cure provides unique botanical therapies that integrate the pharmaceutical world with the supplement world, balancing them both to create highly effective therapies that can be taken for the long-term, improving quality of life without incurring risks. The API in our products is developed in-house, providing you with proprietary products with vast scientific support.


Se-cure has a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility operating under rigorous quality control standards, producing standardized nutraceuticals with swift efficacy and the highest standards of safety. 


We are dedicated to bringing forth unique botanical therapies that provide proven relief of symptoms while avoiding the risks of conventional options.

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