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Low Energy and Fatigue

A persistent feeling of weakness, fatigue and lower energy levels are some of the most frequently experienced symptoms of hormonal changes that occur in the transition phase prior to or during menopause.

Up to 80% of women report these symptoms at one time or another. It is extremely frustrating as it affects both the mind and the body and can cause stress and anxiety.

Moreover, changes in hormone levels can affect your sleeping patterns, which, in turn, leads to fatigue, so that there are many changes that are occurring simultaneously that lead to the same result from different angles, which is why so many women are in the same situation as you are.

Increasing your energy levels can be managed; you do not need to take it lying down. Exercising has been shown to increase energy levels, and, by balancing your hormonal levels, it will impact your quality of sleep as well and decrease your anxiety. Beta-endorphin levels in your brain decline following the drop in estrogen levels, which impacts your overall energy levels. By resuming hormonal balance, you will be able to restore your energy levels as well.

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